Hanna renewed for Season 2 by Amazon: What we know so far

Hanna -- Photo Credit: Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via epk.tv
Hanna -- Photo Credit: Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via epk.tv /

Need more from the assassin teenager Hanna? Amazon has renewed Hanna for Season 2 and here’s everything we know so far.

There’s some great news for fans of Hanna. Amazon has renewed Hanna for Season 2, which means more of the young assassin. Now the questions involve who will return, who will executive produce, and when the show will return. Here’s everything we know so far.

There are some spoilers in this post for those who haven’t watched the whole season just yet.

First things first, why is the show renewed? I know there will be some who think that there doesn’t need to be a second season. The show certainly wrapped up one of the storylines well so it could have worked as a limited series, but it left us with that cliffhanger of the facility. Hanna found out she wasn’t the only one of her “kind” and she forged an alliance with one of the girls from the new facility.

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Meanwhile, a second girl was starting to question everything. Yet, another girl was wholly loyal to her commanders. After wondering why Hanna was so special, the second season could set up this war between assassins.

Hanna Season 2 will see David Farr back in the executive producer seat. Like the first season, he will also write the episodes. Tom Coan will be executive producer for NBCUniversal International Studios, while Andrew Woodhead, Eric Fellner, and Tim Bevan serve as executive producers for Working Title Television.

It’s not yet clear who, out of the actors, will return for the series. We should expect Esme Creed-Miles to return as the titular role. It wouldn’t make sense to recast when Creed-Miles did such an excellent job portraying the role in this world. Mireille Enos could return for the second season. Her character was left alive by the end, and she wants revenge against the CIA for actions against her. She could team up with Hanna and 249, who both escaped.

Joel Kinnaman likely won’t return, unless through flashbacks or some government facility twist. He was killed off at the end of the last season, leaving Hanna to mourn the loss of the man she viewed as her father and supporter.

Hanna — Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video — Acquired via epk.tv
Hanna — Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video — Acquired via epk.tv /

With any hope, Yasmin Monet Prince will return as Girl 249 giving us a chance to see the bond form between her and Hanna. Áine Rose Daly and Jasmine Breinburg could return as Girl 242 and Girl 217 respectively. 242 had started to doubt the cause, while 217 was fully focused on the mission. This would set up inner conflict and bring about the war against Hanna and 249.

As for when Hanna Season 2 will premiere, that isn’t clear. However, with this early renewal (just 10 days after the season debuted) we could see production start work right away and see a new season be released within 14 months. So we’re looking at May 2020 at the latest.

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What do you think about Hanna being renewed for Season 2? Who would you like to see return? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hanna Season 1 is currently available to stream as part of your Prime membership on Amazon Prime Video.