Should Hanna be renewed for a second season on Amazon Prime Video?

Hanna -- Photo Credit: Jonathan Prime/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via
Hanna -- Photo Credit: Jonathan Prime/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via /

Hanna’s first season left the opportunity for the story to continue. Should the show be renewed for a second season or should it end?

Hanna isn’t my favorite show, but it did have some high notes throughout the first season. Even when it wasn’t as engaging, the story served a purpose and by the end of it, you knew what kind of person Hanna became in her short time interacting with the outside world.

My concern with how Hanna left off is that the story wouldn’t exactly need to follow the titular character if it were to continue. She could be involved, but I don’t think the entire story would continue to revolve around her.

Spoilers for the end of Hanna Season 1 start here.

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At the end of the season, we saw two of the test subjects, who appeared to no longer believe in their “mission.” We had already seen one of the girls escape with Hanna, which left us with a glimpse of a budding friendship based on the two being part of the same program.

Since Marissa flips sides and feels betrayed by the CIA at the end, Mireille Enos would have the chance to return in a second season. However, Joel Kinnaman would not due to his character meeting his demise. (Unless he were to return in flashbacks.)

ET Canada spoke to both Enos and Kinnaman about the show and it seems like they both wanted to work together again. While Enos was already excited about the script, adding Kinnaman solidified things for her.

The scripts for a second season would have to pull Enos in again to get her on board out likely. Without Kinnaman, that might not be as appealing to her, but I could see her returning under the right circumstances.

Does the show need a second season, though? Probably not. The ending was definite enough while still leaving a couple of things open for a return. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t watch a second season, but I definitely wouldn’t be as excited about it if Enos and Kinnaman weren’t working together on it in some capacity.

Releasing something as a limited series and not bringing it back for a second season isn’t a bad thing, either. Sometimes it’s just fine to leave a show with a pretty good ending.

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Would you like to see a second season? Do you think the story needs to continue? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hanna is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Check it out if you haven’t yet!