Now streaming: Life in Pieces is now on Amazon Prime Video

All four seasons of Life in Pieces are available on Amazon Prime Video

Whether you didn’t watch it when it aired or you want to relive the stories, Life in Pieces is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. All four seasons are available to watch right now.

This is certainly a sitcom for those who love the likes of Modern Family. It focuses on stories from different generations of the same family, giving us a look at life from all these different viewpoints and experiences. While it’s certainly a comedy, there are some beautiful moments that put this more in the dramedy genre.

The show was never afraid to touch on some dramatic and heartbreaking storylines. One of those covered miscarriage and others focused on the death of loved ones. The comedy and drama infused together in a way to bring excellent storytelling.

Watch Life in Pieces now

With all four seasons now available, you can binge-watch the story in full. Each episode offers four separate stories, usually with specific generations for the storylines. The stories all connect in some way, which helps to make it feel like we are getting a great half-hour of TV but learning about individual characters through fleshed-out stories.

Sadly, Life in Pieces became an underrated half-hour of television. It was canceled abruptly after four seasons. Maybe with it reaching Amazon Prime Video there’s a chance that a show could save it since it was only canceled last year. However, it’s unlikely. Instead, we can just enjoy the stories we have.

There are 80 episodes to work your way through. I know what you’re doing all weekend!

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Life in Pieces Seasons 1 to 4 are now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, free with your Prime membership.