What time is Life in Pieces heading to Amazon Prime Video?

All four seasons of Life in Pieces is heading to Amazon Prime Video

Are you ready to stream all four seasons of Life in Pieces? The show is available on Amazon Prime Video this weekend, but what time can you start streaming it? Let’s take a look at all you need to know.

The series is only heading to Prime in the U.S. It’s not an Original, which means we’re looking at midnight ET on Saturday, June 20 at the earliest for the show to be available. This could mean the show is available at 9 p.m. PT on Friday, June 19, but it could also mean the show is held until midnight local time across the States.

If the show isn’t available at exactly midnight ET and you’re in another time zone, you’ll want to check at midnight your own time. This will help Amazon observe Juneteenth, which it has chosen to do this year due to the Black Lives Matter protests continuing across the world. 7500 is being released a day early to help Amazon observe this.

What is Life in Pieces about?

If you missed the sitcom when it aired on CBS, this is your chance to catch up. And it’s certainly well worth the watch.

The series chronicles the lives of the Short family, with stories from three different generations of the family. They go through their daily lives in Los Angeles County, with each episode offering four short stories. The idea is that we find out about their lives in pieces throughout the series.

The short stories tend to involve the four family branches of the Shorts. They all connect in some way, so while the stories are in pieces, they all make sense as they’re told together.

It’s a beautiful form of storytelling, offering a look at how life looks through the eyes of different generations. If you love Modern Family, you’ll adore Life in Pieces. It’s just a shame that it was just four seasons long.

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Life in Pieces will be on Amazon Prime Video by midnight local time on Saturday, June 20.