What time is The Vast of Night streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

The Vast of Night -- Amazon Prime Video
The Vast of Night -- Amazon Prime Video /

The Vast of Night streaming time on Amazon Prime Video

At the end of this week, you’ll be able to stream the 1950s-set sci-fi movie, The Vast of Night. What time will you be able to start streaming it?

As a global Amazon Original, there’s some excellent news. These releases happen at midnight GMT, which means you’ll be able to watch a day early in North America. The release is going to be at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, May 28. It’s always nice when time zones work in our favor.

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Sometimes, the releases take an extra few minutes. Don’t panic if it’s not there immediately. Refresh and then go directly into the title to check it out.

The Vast of Night is certainly worth waiting for. Set in a small town in the 1950s, two friends go in search for the noises they hear through their radio frequency. They know that it could be a sign that something else is out there, and they’re curious enough to find out what that is.

They’re about to get far more than they bargained for. And it turns out this may not be the first time this sound has been heard.

The Vast of Night already holds a 92% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s also Certified Fresh, with comments praising Andrew Patterson on his directorial debut. There is an eeriness to the movie, but it only helps to compel you to watch to the end. What is the mystery and is it what it appears to be from the outset?

Check out the trailer for The Vast of Night below:

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The Vast of Night will be available to stream by midnight on Friday, May 29.