Upload Season 1, Episode 7 recap: Nathan meets Nora’s dad

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios /

Nora’s dad takes a tour of Lake View with Nathan as his guide during Upload Season 1, Episode 7. Here’s a look at the events of the episode.

Nora’s dad tours Lake View while Ingrid contemplates what to do with Nathan. Here’s a look at the events from Upload Season 1, Episode 7.

The episode starts with Nora trying to explain why she was sleeping next to Nathan on a picnic blanket at the end of the previous episode. Lucy understandably isn’t impressed. As much as I don’t like Lucy, she has a point during this scene. There are rules that Nora should follow but doesn’t. Nora leaves Lucy’s office with the threat of her rating dropping from a 4.8 average to a 3.8 average.

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That’s not all for Nora. Her dad is visiting Lake View. She desperately wants him to agree to be uploaded instead of die, but he wants to be with his late wife. So, Nora thinks a tour of Lake View is Nathan as his guide will help. It’s a great chance for Nathan and Nora’s dad to meet and the tour goes relatively well, but in the end, Nora’s dad makes it clear that he doesn’t want to be uploaded.

With everything I’ve seen on this show, I’m kind of on his side. I don’t think I’d want eternity in the digital space.

While that happens, Ingrid goes to an “After Wives” support group. These are women with husbands and partners in the digital afterlife. Ingrid wonders—after admitting she kissed and then later that she slept with Nathan’s best friend, Jamie—whether she should freeze Nathan. She can live her life and unfreeze him when she’s ready.

Nathan has become her plaything and it’s clear Ingrid is a terrible human. Although, is that surprising when you see her family?

Upload season 1 – Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios /

While Nathan guides Nora’s dad around Lake View, Nora takes some time to snoop on Lucy’s computer. She realizes that an unknown employee number has accessed Nathan’s files. Not only is the number unknown on Lucy’s computer, but it’s absolutely nowhere in the system.

And it’s clear that someone doesn’t want Nora finding out the truth. Somebody puts a device in the server room that cuts out the power for a few minutes. It halts Nora’s progress in finding out information, but she does manage to get some of the files downloaded to help her with her investigation. It helps her learn that Josh Prizer is dead.

It’s not a happy ending for Nora when her dad makes it clear he doesn’t want to be uploaded. Something I love is that she accepts it, though. She’s done pushing and asks him to say “hi” to her mom for her. I understand her wish for him to be uploaded—why say a permanent goodbye if that’s not necessary in this world?—but it’s his choice in the end.

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What did you think of Nora’s dad’s choices? Who do you think murdered Nathan? What is Ingrid’s deal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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