Upload Season 1, Episode 6 recap: Nora goes on a date

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios /

Nora goes on a date and Ingrid has a sleepover. Here’s a look at everything that happened on Upload Season 1, Episode 6.

Upload Season 1, Episode 6 is a Nora-centric episode, as she heads out on a date with Bryon to get to know him better. Nathan is clearly jealous, as his feelings for Nora grow.

We’ll get the sleepover part of the episode out of the way. Nathan’s niece realizes just how awful Ingrid’s family is. They’re mean to each other, constantly putting one another down. It’s no wonder Ingrid is the way she is. In fact, she’s the nice one out of the lot! Fortunately, Ingrid kicks her family out and she and Nathan’s niece enjoy a sleepover, including doing each other’s hair the same.

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Another side storyline that is comical is Luke wit his Angel, Aleesha. She’s fed up with Luke’s ways and decides to get revenge by taking his fingers and certain other body parts. He gets his own back by calling her supervisor, Lucy. Of course, Aleesha has to give everything back, but that doesn’t mean the war between them is over.

While that happens, Nora focuses on her date. At least, she tries to. Her dad wants her to try things with Bryon, thinking she should spend more time with people who are alive. The problem is things just aren’t clicking between the two of them.

It’s not surprising that she calls off the date early to spend time with Nathan. Throughout this episode, Nathan tries to get in touch with Jamie again. Jamie finally answers, but he’s heading into a meeting and quickly hangs up. Something is going on here.

Nora knows that what happened to Nathan wasn’t an accident. When she blows off her date with Bryon, she goes into the digital world to see Nathan. There, they watch the sunset together and their romance starts to really blossom.

When Nora falls asleep on the picnic blanket with Nathan, you know that it’s going to cause trouble. And yep, Lucy catches Nora asleep at her desk and on the picnic blanket! Uh oh!

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What did you think of the Nora-centric episode? What were your theories up to this point about the murder mystery? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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