Will Amazon renew Upload for a second season?

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Aaron Epstein/Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Aaron Epstein/Amazon Studios /

Upload Season 1 may have only just dropped but there are chances you’ve binge-watched the whole season already. Will there be a second season?

Amazon has only just released the first season of Upload. Chances are that you’ve binged the entire season already. It is an easy and enjoyable binge-watch after all. And now you need a second season.

Is there a chance that Amazon will renew Upload for a second season? I would like to say a definite yet, but it’s going to depend on the viewership.

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If enough people started and finished the series, there’s a strong chance that it will be renewed. And this is a Greg Daniels series, so there’s a good chance that a lot of The Office and Parks and Recreation fans jumped straight into the series and gave all eight episodes a chance. It’s not like the eight episodes needed to be given a chance. Once you watched the first episode, you would have needed to watch the rest.

The question is whether there is a story for a second season. After all, there’s only so much we can follow with Nathan, right? Wrong!

Nathan found all sorts of glitches in the code that he could use to his advantage. There are certainly more adventures that he and Nora could take. I’ll be here for those adventures if Greg Daniels wants to write them.

As long as there’s a strong pitch—and I have no doubt that there will be—there would be little reason for Amazon to say no to a second season. Now we just have to wait for the renewal to come through, which can take a couple of months based on recent decisions.

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What did you think of Upload Season 1? Would you like a second season? What would you like to see in that second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Upload Season 1 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.