Upload trailer: Get your first look at Robbie Amell’s latest dramedy

Upload -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Upload -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Robbie Amell is going from superhero to ghost. Well, sort of. The Upload trailer is here, giving us a first look at the afterlife dramedy.

While Amazon Prime Video has new seasons of its top Amazon Originals coming, it also has some great new shows heading to the streamer. Upload is the latest dramedy, starring Robbie Amell. Now it’s time to get your first look at the series.

Set in a world where a person can be “uploaded” to the afterlife before death, Amell’s Nathan ends up in the digital world. His girlfriend is the one who helps encourage the decision after a car accident, and it leads to him heading to Nora’s VR world.

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Who’s Nora? She’s a cash-strapped customer service worker at “Lakeview,” which hosts the digital afterlife. It’s up to her to help Nathan acclimatize and learn more about what will be his world for eternity.

The series is certainly going to bring up questions about life after death. There are going to be discussions about monopolizing the afterlife just because it’s possible. And then there are the questions of love after death. After all, while Nathan’s girlfriend is the one that wants him to upload himself to the digital afterlife, it’s clear that he and Nora start to have feelings for each other.

This is certainly going to be a fun series to check out on Amazon. There isn’t too long to wait. May 1 is the official release date, giving us something to look forward to in the mid-spring.

Upload is a sci-fi comedy from Greg Daniels, the man behind Parks and Recreation. If you were on the fence before, this fact has likely just confirmed this series is one for you.

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What are you looking forward to seeing on Amazon Prime Video this year? What do you think of Upload? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Upload debuts on Amazon Prime Video on May 1 and you’ll be able to watch for free with Amazon Prime Video.