Will The Last Kingdom Season 4 come to DVD and Blu-ray?

The Last Kingdom - Credit: Netflix
The Last Kingdom - Credit: Netflix /

Netflix has released the fourth season of The Last Kingdom. Now you’ll want to know if The Last Kingdom Season 4 will be on DVD.

Not everyone wants to get Netflix, but it seems like you need to for the original series. That’s not the case for all. As The Last Kingdom Season 4 becomes available to stream, you’re likely wondering if you can add it to your DVD collection.

While many originals remain exclusive to Netflix, The Last Kingdom hasn’t been one of them. There are high chances that the fourth season will be made available on disc, as the previous three seasons did.

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The third season was released just a month after the season was made available on Netflix. However, it took slightly longer for the first and second seasons to be made available. It is worth noting that the series originally started as a BBC One series and came to Netflix internationally on a weekly basis/in full at the end of the season depending on location. It wasn’t until the third season that it became a global Netflix Original.

The Last Kingdom Season 4 is a global original. There’s a chance a similar pattern to Season 3 will be followed, meaning the DVD will come out in May 2020.

There is also a chance it will be made available to purchase on Digital.

The fourth season is the first one without King Alfred. Edward is now king, with his sister Aethelflaed still the Lady of Mercia. It will be up to the two to work together to bring a united England, but they both have different opinions about how that should happen.

Meanwhile, Uhtred continues his fight to get Bebbenburg back. However, this season, there may be no Bebbenburg left.

Check out the trailer for The Last Kingdom Season 4:

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The Last Kingdom is now available to stream on Netflix. It should come to DVD.