When will Bosch Season 7 come to Amazon Prime Video?

Photo: Titus Welliver in Season 4 of Bosch.. Credit: Aaron Epstein / Amazon Prime Video.
Photo: Titus Welliver in Season 4 of Bosch.. Credit: Aaron Epstein / Amazon Prime Video. /

Bosch Season 7 is definitely confirmed by Amazon. With everything happening, eyes are now on when Bosch Season 7 will be on Amazon Prime Video.

Hands up if you’ve already binge-watched the entire sixth season of Bosch. The timing has been perfect considering so many of us are at home, and now all eyes are on the future. We know Bosch Season 7 is happening, but when will it come to Amazon Prime Video?

Usually, we’d have a relatively good chance of predicting the release of the seventh season. Like the previous season, Bosch Season 7 was confirmed ahead of Season 6’s release. The writers have been able to get straight on the job, which would allow for filming to happen relatively quickly. This would mean 12 months between Seasons 6 and 7 would be possible.

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Yet, there’s something from stopping an April 2021 release date. It’s all about the current health pandemic.

The novel coronavirus has meant filming is put on hold. While writing work can still happen from home, filming the episodes isn’t possible just yet. The longer the current situation goes on for, the longer it will take for filming to happen. This means more of a delay for the release.

We won’t get an idea of the release until we find out when Bosch Season 7 filming can happen. Once it does happen, it will take at least eight months to get the full season filmed. There will also be post-production work that needs to happen.

Most originals take 14 months from renewal, but some can take longer. Bosch has been on the shorter side routinely, so once filming takes place, we could see 12 to 14 months from that point.

Once we have a clearer idea, we’ll certainly let you know. Hopefully, we’re not waiting too long for the seventh and final season.

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Bosch Season 6 is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime VideoBosch Season 7 is confirmed but filming can’t start just yet.