5 reasons we need Tales from the Loop Season 2

Tales from the Loop -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Tales from the Loop -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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Tales from the Loop
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There are some TV shows that will stay with you for months or years to come. Tales from the Loop is one of those shows and it needs a second season.

Right now, eyes are on whether Amazon will renew Tales from the Loop for a second season or not. There are many out there who hope there will be more episodes, but does it really need it?

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Well, the story could work alone. We did seem to come a full circle in terms of storytelling, in a way. The episodes delivered their haunting stories showing that science fiction isn’t necessarily fun and games. But there are definitely more stories to tell.

Tales from the Loop is more than just a sci-fi show. It’s one of love and loss, one of happiness and grief. This series definitely needs a second season, and here are five reasons why.

5. Science fiction isn’t all fun

When we get into a movie or TV show that involves science fiction, the topic is often used in a fun way. We see that the ability to time travel is offered as a solution. The use of robots can be for games. That’s certainly not the case with Tales from the Loop.

The series focuses on the events around the science fiction. Something like a time loop is purely introduced as a way to bring characters into the story. The use of a robotic arm is just to show a journey that a character has been on.

While some of the characters play with the devices they find, they realize that there are consequences to their actions. They need to live with those consequences. Things can’t be fixed in a blink of an eye, grounding the series.