Will there be a second season of Tales from the Loop?

Tales from the Loop -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Tales from the Loop -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Tales from the Loop is a sci-fi series with heart. Will there be a second season of the series? Here’s a look at the chances of renewal by Amazon.

Tales from the Loop Season 1 has only just dropped on Amazon Prime Video, and we’re already looking at the chances of renewal. Could there be a second season in the works? What are the chances?

I think the chances are going to be pretty good. Shrouded in mystery, Tales from the Loop was one of the most highly anticipated TV shows coming in April 2020. It’s not often an Amazon show makes it to TV Time’s Anticipation Report for the month, but the shows that do, tend to be ones that are renewed.

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Amazon works similarly to Netflix. Renewals are based on the number of people who watch from start to finish. And the best results are those who binge-watch during the first weekend. If you’re among the list of those who are almost done with the first season (you may have even binge-watched throughout yesterday), then you’re helping to increase the chances of the show being renewed.

While it’s a sci-fi series, Tales from the Loop is certainly different from many other sci-fi shows of recent years. It’s full of mystery and heart. This isn’t just a story about some strange item in the middle of a town that causes works of science fiction to become true. It’s one of family, of compassion, and of connection.

One of the great elements of the show is that the episodes are standalone in a way. While you see characters that were introduced in other episodes, the storylines are focused on individual tales. You can watch them out of order or in order. When the screeners were released to the press, we got the first, fourth, and sixth episodes. It’s not often something like that happens.

It’s one of those shows that you can go back and look for tiny clues. You can see how lives connect and how stories have different viewpoints. This helps to add more depth to an already exciting and mystifying series.

Tales from the Loop certainly deserves a second season, and I think it’s possible. We’ll find out in a month or two.

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Do you think Tales from the Loop needs a second season? Would you like to see more of these tales? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tales from the Loop is available to stream on Amazon right now.