Homecoming Season 2 gets teaser trailer and release date

Homecoming: Season 2. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Homecoming: Season 2. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

Homecoming Season 2 is officially coming in May 2020. Get a first look at what to expect in the new mystery with the fresh teaser trailer.

Looking for some fresh content to watch while you’re stuck at home? Amazon has an excellent lineup of content in May for you. Homecoming Season 2 is among the list of Amazon Originals heading to Prime Video. Not only do we have a release date, but we have a teaser trailer, too!

Janelle Monáe stars in Homecoming Season 2, set for release on May 22. There really isn’t that long to wait now, and we know it’s certainly going to be worth it.

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The teaser trailer gives us just a hint of the things to come. We’re going to learn more about the company, but will we learn more about the insidious underlying elements to it? There’s a lot of hope with Chris Cooper cast as Leonard Geist, the founder of the Homecoming Initiative.

Stephan James returns as Walter Cruz. Throughout the first season, he figured out the realities of the program. However, he was left unable to remember, and now he’s going to need to piece it all together. Will Monáe’s character help him do that?

Considering the teaser sees her waking up on a boat in the middle of nowhere, that’s not all too likely to start with. All she’ll know is that something has happened to her, but will she even remember her own connections to Homecoming?

Monáe’s character isn’t just going to have to figure out how she got on the boat. She’ll also need to figure out who she is. This is starting to feel a little Treadstone like.

I’ll leave you with the teaser trailer for Homecoming Season 2 so you can get ready for it:

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Homecoming Season 2 is coming to Amazon Prime Video on May 22, 2020.