5 big questions for Hunters Season 2

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Hunters -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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There’s no doubt that we need a second season of Hunters. The finale left us with too many questions. Here are the five big questions for Hunters Season 2.

While we still don’t know if Hunters Season 2 is going to happen, there’s no doubt that we need it. The first season finale sent us on a twisty journey. Characters’ secrets came out, including Meyer’s and The Colonel’s.

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We were certainly left with many questions. How did The Colonel survive? What’s next for our team of Nazi hunters? How will Jonah deal with the knowledge that Meyer wasn’t the real Meyer after all?

Some questions are bigger than others. They’re questions that we definitely need answers to right away in the second season. Here are my five big questions for Hunters Season 2.

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5. Who will Millie choose for her team?

Millie was offered the chance to create her own team. A team of people who will take down the Nazis that were brought into the country. Of course, she now needs to put that team together.

She’s going to need people she can trust. Sadly, that will rule out the majority of white Christian men in power. She may even need to rule out any white man or woman who just isn’t a Jew, regardless of other beliefs in God. Sure, all white people aren’t Nazis but all Nazis are white.

Millie could turn to the group that she had ended up working with, but they’re off to Europe. Will she stop them or will she turn to the one left behind, Mindy?