Why Hunters needs to be renewed for a second season by Amazon

Hunters -- Photo Credit: Christopher Saunders / Amazon Studios
Hunters -- Photo Credit: Christopher Saunders / Amazon Studios /

All eyes are on whether Amazon Prime Video will renew Hunters for a second season. Whether it does or doesn’t, we know that a renewal is necessary.

Our eyes are currently on whether Amazon will cancel or renew Hunters. After the shocking first season, there’s no doubt in our minds that a second season is necessary.

We can’t tell which way Amazon will go just yet. That doesn’t mean we can’t say why we think Hunters Season 2 is a requirement. And it’s not just so we get answers to our burning questions. After all, that’s a reason for any TV show to be renewed, right?

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The biggest reason is for the inclusivity. While the series is about Nazis and Nazi-hunters, this is a program that is inclusive. There are people of different religions and ideologies coming together. We have people of color, the LGBTQ community represented, and people of different ages and backgrounds.

A second season would promise more of this. After all, many of the main characters are still alive. We have Roxy, Joe, and Millie ready to fight their fights, whatever the outcome may be. It looks like Meyer and Mindy won’t be part of it, but that’s not necessarily going to be the case, right? And if the show heads to Europe like it promises at the end of the first season, there’s the chance to bring in more characters to represent the audience fully.

The show also raises awareness. While Auschwitz was against the storylines that had been made up, I understand the reasoning behind the fictionalization. There wasn’t the risk of not doing one person’s story in a bad way. There wasn’t the risk of bringing up too many memories for the family members of those involved in the real stories.

Even with fictionalized events, the show brought the horrors of the concentration camps to life. It reminded viewers that these events really happened and that the Nazis managed to get away with a hell of a lot. Okay, so there’s no proof that Hitler’s suicide was faked and he fled to Argentina, but we do know that Argentina offered a home to Nazi war criminals. There wasn’t the funding to take them all down.

We’re 90 years on from the start of World War II. It’s easy to forget the atrocities that happened. Hunters keeps it fresh in our minds and it needs to be renewed.

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What did you think of Hunters? Do you need a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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