50 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video: Escape from Dannemora

Escape from Dannemora has been added to Amazon Prime Video this month. It’s now on the list of 50 best TV shows on the streaming service.

There are many excellent TV shows on Amazon Prime Video. One of the most recently added is Escape from Dannemora, the SHOWTIME series starring Patricia Arquette. It’s now on the list of 50 best TV shows on the streaming service.

Before we look at why it belongs on this list, you’ll want to check out where Escape from Dannemora has landed. Not only will you see the current position of this SHOWTIME series, but you’ll be able to check out all 50 shows to stream for free with your Prime membership.

When shows are based on true stories, they can sometimes take liberties with the facts. It’s seen as dramatic and artistic licensing, but it can take away from some of the true horrors or the heartbreaking stories that really happened. While Escape from Dannemora does take some liberties, it’s not too much to ruin the real story.

Set in the mid-2010s, two inmates at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora become entangled with a married female prison employee. The romantic entanglements lead to both convicted murderers escaping from the prison, which sparks a nationwide manhunt.

Ben Stiller directed and executive produced all seven episodes of the series, with Episode 6 being the last one to film. Arquette and Eric Lange both gained weight for their roles and needed to lose it for Episode 6, so Stiller halted production to give them both time to do it. Brett Johnson, Michael Tolkin, and Jerry Stahl wrote the episodes.

Escape from Dannemora has been rated Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics and audiences both praising the miniseries. Now is the time to watch it to see just what it’s like.

Check out the trailer for Escape from Dannemora:

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Escape from Dannemora is on Amazon Prime Video now.


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