50 best movies on Amazon Prime Video: Honey Boy enters the list

Shia LaBeouf in HONEY BOY Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Shia LaBeouf in HONEY BOY Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

If you’re looking for something new to check out on Amazon Prime Video, Honey Boy is the movie for you. It’s now on the list of 50 best movies on Prime.

We all know that Shia LeBeouf has struggled with drink and drugs for a number of years. While in rehab, he made the decision to get his life down on paper, writing a movie that would become the feature known as Honey Boy.

And what a feature it is! The movie is now on Amazon Prime Video, and it makes the list of our top 50 movies on Prime Video right now.

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Check out the entire list not just to see where Honey Boy is ranked, but to check out 49 other great movies to watch when you need to put something on. We update regularly to try to only keep the movies that are on Amazon Prime Video with your Prime membership.

But why does Honey Boy deserve a place? Not only is it based on a true story, but it is also beautifully created. You can’t help but feel for young Otis, who is based on LeBeouf himself. You want to root for him, seeing him through his own struggles as he deals to accept the hand he was dealt in life.

The acting from Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges is excellent, showing Otis growing up and struggling with the abuse and neglect at the hands of his father. We see continuity in the character while both actors also bring their own to make both versions stand out.

It’s not an easy movie to sit through, and that’s the point. Both critics and audiences agree that this is worth watching.

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Honey Boy is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.