50 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video Right Now

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Movies on Amazon Prime Video
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Current ranking of the 50 best movies on Amazon Prime video.

Amazon Prime Video is quickly and unsurprisingly becoming a giant in regards to streaming both movies and television, now offering over 15,000 movies on Amazon Prime Video that are streaming for free with a Prime membership in addition to over 1,200 TV shows streaming on the service.

However, the problem that always arises when it comes to movies on Amazon Prime Video—or any streaming service for that matter—is that making a decision on what to watch is just insanely difficult with the wide selection of titles to choose from.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of great movies spanning decades upon decades and reaching every genre in the cinematic world. Looking at those 15,000-plus movies on Amazon Prime Video and trying to decide which one that you that you want to watch can certainly be a daunting task.

While we can’t look into your brain every time that you’re firing up Amazon Prime Video to stream a movie, we can try our best to ease the decision-making process by giving you a look at the best movies on Amazon Prime Video that are currently streaming—the 50 best to be exact. Though you may not agree with our rankings to the last crossed “t” or dotted “i,” at the very least there’s a glimpse at the best movies that the service has to offer.

Again, these movies are all streaming for free on Amazon with a Prime membership, but can still be rented or purchased without a Prime membership.

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