Treadstone Season 1 coming to DVD in March 2020

Loved watching the Jason Bourne universe-set series on USA Network? Waited for it to come to DVD? Treadstone Season 1 is coming to DVD in March 2020.

USA Network brought a thrilling series set in the universe of Jason Bourne. Treadstone is one of those shows you can watch whether you do or don’t know the world of Bourne. Now it’s time to relive it all over again. Treadstone Season 1 is coming to DVD in March 2020.

The first season sees sleeper agents all over the world wake. They have no idea about their training, but just know that they need to complete their missions, which may or may not involve killing each other.

At the same time, we get a story in the past of a soldier in the 1970s who goes through the process of becoming a sleeper agent without knowing about it. Events of the past have serious consequences in the future.

Whether you’ve watched the Jason Bourne movies or not, you’ll be able to enjoy Treadstone. It’s a thrilling ride, even if the critical reviews are less than stellar. The audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are what you want to pay attention to.

You can pre-order Treadstone Season 1 right now on DVD. You’ll get it on Mar. 24, 2020. For those who are international, you can watch the series on Amazon Prime right now.  In the U.S., the series is also available to watch digitally through Amazon Video, where you can buy the Season Pass. It may come to Amazon Prime in the U.S. at a later date like many other USA Network shows.

Check out the trailer for Treadstone below:

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Treadstone Season 1 is on DVD on Mar. 24, 2020.