When will Netflix’s You Season 2 come to DVD?

YOU season 2 on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Beth Dubber/Netflix
YOU season 2 on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Beth Dubber/Netflix /

With the You Season 1 DVD release date now confirmed, we know that the second season will come to DVD. When will You Season 2 be available to buy?

The psychological thriller, You Season 1, has finally got a DVD release date. That should mean the second season will come to DVD, despite being a Netflix Original now. When will You Season 2 be available on DVD?

It’s hard to guestimate the release date for this. The first season took a year and two months to arrive on DVD after the first season finale. There are a lot of factors at play for this though, including the fact that it went from being a Lifetime series to a Netflix Original.

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Netflix saving the series and bringing the second season likely affected the delay in the DVD release date. Most Netflix Originals that do head to DVD head there shortly after the release of the new season.

Right now, You Season 3 hasn’t been confirmed. We’re all expecting it, but Netflix is still to make an official decision and probably won’t before the end of this month. That will then delay the writing and production of the season, which delays the release. You Season 2 won’t come to DVD until a few weeks after the third season release.

If there isn’t a third season for whatever reason (Netflix has a bad habit of canceling great TV shows just as they’re getting going), then we could see You Season 2 head to DVD sometime in January 2021. It could even happen at the end of December 2020, tying in with the date the second season was released on Netflix.

Will the show head to Amazon Video? Again, it’s hard to say. The majority of Netflix Originals aren’t available to purchase digitally, but some are. You Season 1 was made available through Amazon Video and other VOD services due to being on Lifetime first. It’s possible that the second season will also be available.

Check out the trailer for You Season 2:

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What did you think of Netflix’s You? What are you excited to see come to DVD and Blu-ray? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You Season 2 is currently on Netflix. Season 1 will be on DVD on Jan. 14, 2020.