What does a new showrunner for Jack Ryan Season 3 mean for the series?

Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Amazon Studios
Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Amazon Studios /

Jack Ryan has a new showrunner for the third season. What does this mean for the Amazon Original series? Is it good or bad?

Last week, fans learned that Jack Ryan was getting a new showrunner for the third season. Now it’s time to break down what this could mean for the future of the Amazon Original series.

Quite honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much right now. Deadline reported the news that Paul Scheuring has taken on the role of the showrunner for the third season, with Carlton Cuse stepping away. In fact, Cuse stepped away from the day-to-day running of the series earlier this year, with David Scarpa temporarily stepping in for him.

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Scheuring has some highly successful TV shows behind him. We just have to look at Prison Break, where he even returned for the successful revival. He’s also teamed up with Cuse for another Amazon series, Atlas, which is still to come.

The arrival of the new showrunner is actually at a good time. Production on Jack Ryan Season 3 hasn’t yet started. There’s no need for Scheuring to come in and feel like he’s forced in a direction that someone else has taken it. There’s a chance to put his own mark on the series while understanding that this is the brainchild of someone else.

Despite the fact that he gets more freedom and more say, it’s not going to feel like an entirely different show. John Krasinski and his team of EPs have a huge amount of say in the series. This isn’t a one-person show that could see characters go in directions that wouldn’t usually happen.

Having a new showrunner can help to bring in some fresh ideas, though. The idea is to prevent the story from getting old rather quickly. That shouldn’t happen considering there’s plenty of original source material to work with in Tom Clancy’s novels, but those storylines need to be adapted for the modern-day, and that’s where things can get rusty and stale.

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What do you think about a new showrunner coming into the series? What do you hope to see in Jack Ryan Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Jack Ryan Season 2 is on Amazon Prime Video on Nov. 1.