What does One Day at a Time’s revival mean for canceled Amazon shows?

ONE DAY AT A TIME -- Photo credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
ONE DAY AT A TIME -- Photo credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Netflix’s One Day at a Time has been saved by Pop TV. Does this offer hope for shows canceled early by Amazon?

After Netflix canceled One Day at a Time, there was uproar. Despite the inclusivity, Netflix didn’t think enough people were watching to justify the fourth season renewal. Other places thought otherwise and now Pop TV has saved it. But Netflix isn’t the only streaming service canceling shows early.

Amazon has been doing the same. Just recently, both The Tick and Sneaky Pete were canceled, despite fans hoping for more. While there hasn’t been as big of an outcry as there was for One Day at a Time, there’s always the chance that Amazon will cancel something with a louder fanbase in the future.

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Does the revival of the series mean something good for the canceled Amazon shows? Could we see hope for the future?

Of course, up to this point, we’ve seen the likes of Amazon and Netflix save network shows from cancellation. In 2018, Netflix saved Lucifer while Amazon saved The Expanse. But we’ve not seen it happen the other way around. It looks almost impossible for anywhere to save a Netflix show due to the contracts.

There is also the fear of the way the streaming shows are released compared to network TV. Fans of Amazon shows are mostly used to a full season release and then a year or so wait. Would fans be willing to wait a week for each episode of the season?

If fans of shows really want more episodes, they probably would. After all, it shows support for the network that did the saving. It would just likely be a harder conversation to have.

In the end, there has to be a conversation about whether a show deserves to be saved — whether it’s financially viable for the network to pick up the show. After all, it would cost the network money to create the new season and the network won’t have the advantage of international subscriptions.

I don’t think this will completely change the way canceled Amazon shows are saved or not. We may see something big get a chance at a new home, but it would take a loud voice to manage it.

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What do you think the One Day at a Time revival means for canceled Amazon shows? Which Amazon shows would you like to see saved? Share your thoughts in the comments below.