Good Omens series finale recap: The end of the world?

Good Omens -- Photo credit: Chris Raphael/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via
Good Omens -- Photo credit: Chris Raphael/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via /

The Good Omens series finale brought us the end of the world. Well, sort of. Here’s what actually went down.

When you build up to something big, you expect it to be the big climax at the end, right? Well, Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett never lived by the rules in the novel, so why should we have expected the Good Omens series finale to be any different?

And yes, I’ve noted it as a series finale. While not officially stated by Amazon Prime, the show was billed as a miniseries and Gaiman has said that he has no intention of doing a second season. So, really, this is the end.

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But is it the end of the world? Unsurprisingly, no! Within 30 minutes (which starts with Crowley being on trial in Hell for treason but we get a rewind to find out how he got there), we got the sort of apocalypse. Each of the Them destroying three of the Horsemen Motorcyclists of the Apocalypse. It was left with Adam to take on Death. However, Death can’t be killed. To kill him would mean destroying the Earth because people (and things, because Crowley’s Bentley explodes after the fire from the previous episode) have to die. I can accept that and he disappears anyway.

So, Gabriel and Beelzebub turn up at the airbase to tell Adam off. He needs to cause the end of the world, not save it. He needs to go through with the Great Plan.

But, Aziraphale has a question. Is this Great Plan the Inevitable War? They don’t know, so Aziraphale and Crowley stand behind Adam and support him as he refuses to bring about the end of the world.

Gabriel and Beelzebub go back to Heaven and Hell, telling Adam’s father of course. This is where Benedict Cumberbatch’s Satan shows up, angry at Adam for his lack of action. But don’t expect to see him around for too long. Adam very quickly tells Satan that he isn’t his real father and makes Satan disappear.

Well, that was quick! Adam’s dad, Mr. Young, does show up though and takes Adam and his friends home, with Adam (and the Hellhound, who is more like a hound now) grounded.

The aftermath of the apocalypse

Now it’s time for the rest of the episode. Half of the episode is dedicated to the aftermath, part of that being Crowley and Aziraphale being taken by their respective people and tried for treason. Their execution methods? Crowley will be destroyed in holy water and Aziraphale in hellfire.

Only, their executions don’t work. Both are immune.

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How is that possible? They’d seen the last of Agnes Nutter’s prophecies that warned them of this. They had to choose their faces, and that’s what they did. Both switched looks so they could withstand their intended ends. Aziraphale was extremely happy to make Michael miracle him a towel.

With Heaven and Hell leaving them alone, it was time to move onto Pulsifer and Anathema, who get a visit from a lawyer whose firm has kept a package for 300 years. Agnes had a second volume of prophecies. After living her whole life as a descendant, Anathema decides to burn the prophecies without reading them. I guess that’s it then?

Back with Shadwell, he and Tracey decide to move out of London and into a Bungalow somewhere together. And Adam and his friends? They all seem back to normal.

However, there is the threat of a new war brewing. The Inevitable War will come. This time, it’s likely to be Heaven and Hell up against the whole of humanity. But we’ll just have to imagine how that could go.

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What did you think of the Good Omens series finale? What were your thoughts on the overall show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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