When will Late Night come to Amazon Video, DVD and Blu-ray?

Late Night -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios -- Acquired via Ginsberg Libby PR
Late Night -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios -- Acquired via Ginsberg Libby PR /

Late Night is the first Amazon Studios movie of summer 2019. When can you own it on DVD and Blu-ray? What about buying on Digital?

Late Night was one of the major acquisitions from the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year by Amazon Studios. Created by and starring Mindy Kaling and starring Emma Thompson, this movie focuses on one woman joining an all-male staff writing team and needing to prove her worth, all to help a late night talk show host who is about to lose her show. While it’s out in theaters this weekend, you’re likely wanting to know when you can own it at home.

It’s not clear if Late Night will come to DVD and Blu-ray, or even if it will be out on Digital HD. We have to look back at previous Amazon Studios movies for help with this. When Manchester By the Sea and The Big Sick were released, it took about two months for the movies to come to DVD and Blu-ray.

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Things didn’t follow that pattern with more recent releases. Cold War and Beautiful Boy were both released in 2018 and are still to come to DVD and Blu-ray. The difference between these two movies and the previous two is that only Amazon Studios released them. Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate were also responsible for Manchester By the Sea and The Big Sick respectively.

Late Night is only being distributed by Amazon Studios. This suggests it won’t come to DVD and Blu-ray. However, it will come to Amazon Prime Video.

It makes sense that Amazon wouldn’t want to bring the movies to DVD and Blu-ray. Because it will be on Amazon Prime Video, the company will want to keep it as an exclusive offering. This will help encourage subscriptions.

Check out the trailer for Late Night.

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Late Night is out now in theaters nationwide.