Amazon Prime needs to save SYFY’s Deadly Class

DEADLY CLASS -- Photo by: Allen Fraser/Syfy -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
DEADLY CLASS -- Photo by: Allen Fraser/Syfy -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Deadly Class has been canceled after just one season and its a travesty. Amazon Prime needs to step in to save the SYFY cult series.

We’ve only had one season of one of the best shows on SYFY ever. Deadly Class has been canceled and it’s one of the worst decisions for a series this year. So, Amazon Prime needs to step up and save the show.

For those who hadn’t watched it, Deadly Class was released in January and an adaptation of the graphic novels of the same name (and if you haven’t checked out the graphic novels, do so right now!). The show was created by Rick Remender, the writer of the graphic novels, which meant it was as close as possible to the original story. In fact, the series managed to delve deeper into the characters and the storylines in a way that made the graphic novels even better.

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And now we’ve lost it. There’s only going to be one season, which covers the first two (and the first page or so) of the graphic novels. There are far more stories to tell and fans deserve more.

Amazon would be the perfect home. This is a streaming service that has already saved a SYFY show. The Expanse was the show Amazon stepped in to save after the 2018 cancellation. Amazon Prime hasn’t saved anything yet for 2019, so this is a chance to step in.

Putting Deadly Class on Amazon would be a good thing for show and streaming service. For the show, it offers the space to binge watch and this is definitely a great show for binging. It was 10 episodes at an hour long (40 minutes without commercials) and was focused on the graphic novel storyline without filler.

As for how it can help Amazon Prime, well, the show is far more adult than most shows already on the network. One thing Amazon misses that the likes of Netflix and Hulu have is the darker shows that focus on some taboo subjects. When you think of Amazon Prime Video, you likely think of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Bosch, and the upcoming The Expanse. They’re all brilliantly written but they are safe shows.

Amazon needs to start stepping out of its comfort zone. It needs to offer something like The Umbrella Academy and The Handmaid’s Tale. It needs to be willing to offer shows with grit and drama, offering something that feels real and is willing to shock – because that Deadly Class season finale (which is now the series finale) was definitely a shock for the show-first fans. In fact, so was the Vegas episode!

The diversity in the show was immense. While there were some clichés, they were the sort of clichés that you could accept. And there were some characters that weren’t quite the clichés you would expect – Willie quickly became one of my favorite characters and Billy and Lex were immediately interesting ones.

We need more shows like this, more diverse, inclusive, but real shows. Deadly Class needs to find a new home.

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What did you think of Deadly Class? Would you like to see the show saved? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Deadly Class was canceled by SYFY. Keep an eye out for any news on a potential save.