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Bosch -- Photo by: Lacey Terrell/Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via
Bosch -- Photo by: Lacey Terrell/Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via /

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. Bosch Season 5 is finally available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

We’ve made it! The day is here for Bosch Season 5 to finally be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. All 10 episodes are available. And yes, it’s still the world’s best-written police drama.

Based on the Michael Connelly novel “Two Kinds of Truth” (and you can get the show tie-in cover now), the season brings plenty of twists and turns. One of the biggest twists is seeing Harry Bosch head undercover for the first time. You’ll get to see him work without his usual backup and without all the gadgets and tech he’s used to.

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Titus Welliver returns as the titular character. This season also sees many of the usual suspects returning, including Jamie Hector, Madison Lintz, Amy Aquino, and Lance Reddick. Of course, there are many others who are joining the series for the season, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel‘s Juliet Landau, Sons of Anarchy‘s Ryan Hurst, and Kingdom‘s Billy Lush.

Just like all the previous seasons, Bosch Season 5 is extremely well written. It’s one of those that you’ll want to pay attention to throughout each episode, looking for the hints and clues of things to happen in the future.

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I will also say to keep an eye on Landau’s Rita Tedesco. She may look like your average court reporter and appear to be shy and nervous, but there is a secret that she’s hiding.

Check out the trailer for Bosch Season 5 below to get ready for the exciting ride.

Want to see more of Welliver and the team? This certainly isn’t the end of the series. Amazon has already renewed Bosch for a sixth season.

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What are you streaming right now? What do you think of Bosch Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bosch Season 5 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Watch with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.