Bosch Season 5 coming to Amazon Prime Video in April

Credit: Bosch season 4 - Amazon Studios
Credit: Bosch season 4 - Amazon Studios /

Bosch Season 5 finally has a release date. The great news is there isn’t long to wait for it. It’s coming to Amazon Prime Video in April.

If you’ve been waiting for the Titus Welliver-starring series to return to your screens, there’s some excellent news to start the month. Bosch Season 5 is coming to Amazon Prime Video in April.

Okay, so it’s a month away, but there really isn’t that long to wait. Six weeks, in fact, as the show returns on Apr. 19, 2019. This will give you time to catch up on the last four seasons to get a reminder of everything that has happened so far.

As well as the release date, Amazon has shared a trailer for the new season. You can check that out below and, yes, it is as exciting as you’d hoped.

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As you know, the series is based on the Michael Connelly books about the titular character. Amazon has shared that the fifth season is mostly based on the novel “Two Kinds of Truth,” which saw two separate cases that actually wind around each other. Will we get both cases in the season or will this just focus on the one? It doesn’t make sense to only have one case since the point of the novel is about the “two kinds of truth” that is learned from the two cases.

We’ll get to find out just how much of the storyline will be adapted for the series and whether parts of other novels are used. It’s not long now!

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Check out the trailer for Bosch Season 5 below.

The greatest news is that we already know this won’t be the last. Bosch received a Season 6 renewal at the end of 2018, becoming the longest-running Prime Original.

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What are you hoping to see in Bosch Season 5? What do you hope comes from “Two Kinds of Truth?” Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bosch Season 5 is out in full on Apr. 19 on Amazon Prime Video.