Will Amazon renew The Tick for a third season?

The Tick -- Photo Credit Myles Aronowitz/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via epk.tv
The Tick -- Photo Credit Myles Aronowitz/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via epk.tv /

The Tick Season 2 debuted on Amazon Prime Video last week. Now that fans have had a chance to binge, it’s time to look to the future. Will there be a third season?

The Tick Season 2 was everything we hoped for and more. After getting a chance to binge all 10 episodes, it’s time to look at what’s in store in the future. Will Amazon renew The Tick for a third season?

Right now, we don’t know. Amazon is still to make a decision either way. The Tick has not been canceled or renewed. It can take a couple of months for the streaming giant to decide whether to renew or cancel a series.

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If Amazon contracts are anything like Netflix ones, the third season is where the cost of production increases. This is where Amazon needs to know whether the show is getting the views it needs to justify the cost of making it. Even if the costs of production don’t increase substantially like Netflix Originals do, Amazon will still need to look at the number of people watching it on the service to see if there’s enough of an audience.

The Tick is certainly one of the more underappreciated and underrated shows on the streaming service. We’re guilty here of not reviewing it — although part of that has come down to timing due to so much on TV and streaming platforms now. That didn’t stop me from watching the episodes and thoroughly enjoying each one.

The Tick — Photo Credit Myles Aronowitz/Amazon Prime Video — Acquired via epk.tv
The Tick — Photo Credit Myles Aronowitz/Amazon Prime Video — Acquired via epk.tv /

And I sincerely hope there is a third season. The first season introduced us to the characters and the world, adapting it for those who loved the original Ben Edlund comics and bringing something fresh for those who had never heard of it first. However, during the second season, the writing team found its footing. We got character development and more world-building, and it would be a shame to lose any more of that by the show not being renewed.

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Plus, it’s a superhero series with a twist. There are plenty of dark and brooding superheroes out there, but Edlund’s series is lighthearted. It pokes fun at itself and has fun with the audience, giving us something to just enjoy for enjoyment’s sake. There needs to be more of this on TV!

Unfortunately, Amazon clearly wasn’t sure how the second season would be viewed. Shows that have been successes even before seasons have dropped have received renewals ahead of premieres, including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jack Ryan, and The Man in the High Castle. So, we’ll have to hope that plenty of people have streamed all episodes as quickly as possible.

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Would you like to see a third season of The Tick? What did you love the most about Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Tick Seasons 1-2 are available on Amazon Prime Video. Steam now with a 30-day free trial.