Homecoming season 1, episode 10 recap: Stop

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Photo credit: Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv /

The Homecoming finale has arrived and it does not disappoint. What will Heidi Bergman do now?

While Colin is giving a presentation to a bunch of suits and military personnel in the Homecoming Season 1 finale, Heidi is enjoying some lunch with Walter in the cafeteria. Craig sees what’s happening and sends multiple urgent texts to Colin when he can’t get through by calling. Heidi has really outdone herself this time and Craig is in a panic.

We already knew that Heidi sent the recordings of the conversations that she had with Walter to Gloria. However, we get to see how that unfolds in this episode. She even clears off her desk and leaves. Colin gives her a call and she uses the hysterical line on him after he told her previously that she was being hysterical. Her last act was to send Walter home as she left for good.

There’s a shake up at Geist as we see Audrey taking over for Ron and convincing Colin to take the fall for everything that happened with Homecoming. Colin tries to talk her out of it, but that doesn’t work for him this time. He’s going to take the fall whether he likes it or not.

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We also see that Craig was the one who changed the files to make it look like Walter did something to Heidi when really it was the other way around. After Heidi leaves Homecoming, she heads to see her mother and as Ellen goes out to the car, the screen size shrinks as Heidi forgets what happened. Meanwhile, Walter is being picked up by his mother.

Now that Heidi has her memories back, she also feels guilty about what happened. She visits Gloria, who won’t tell her where Walter is. She won’t forgive Heidi, but I think she does appreciate the fact that Heidi does apologize for it. She also understands why Heidi did it.

Heidi remembers the fake road trip they had planned out and that’s how she ultimately figures out where Walter ended up. She finds the old map and Ellen sits her down for some coffee before she leaves. I absolutely love what they do with the split screen to show the time passing on her road trip. It’s a great set of visuals.

When Heidi gets to where she’s going, she bumps into Walter at a local diner. He remembers always wanting to go out west when he sits down to chat with her. Heidi hid the map, knowing it could trigger all of his bad memories, but she was tempted to show it to him. We then see that Walter moved one of the utensils that Heidi had nicely lined up. It was exactly what he used to do with the pen on her desk, so maybe he remembers more than he’s letting on and does know who she is.

Homecoming graces us with a post-credits scene of Colin complying (as they would have the soldiers say). The more surprising moment came when Audrey took the paper from him and then used the same medication the soldiers used on herself. She rubs it into there wrists and she’ll likely forget what just happened in the conference room. And that’s probably exactly what Geist wants.

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Visually and emotionally, this show was great. Sam Esmail was able to take an audio-only format and bring stunning visuals to the screen. Between this and Mr. Robot, he’s on an impressive roll lately. I’m looking forward to what comes next from him.

Homecoming is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.