Homecoming season 1, episode 8 recap: Protocol

Photo credit: Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv
Photo credit: Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv /

Heidi’s trip doesn’t go quite as planned, but she’s starting to understand more of what happened at Homecoming.

The car ride to Tampa is an awkward one with Heidi and Colin in Homecoming. He tries to make small talk, but it doesn’t work so well. Thomas goes back to the house for the envelope and when he asks about Heidi going to Tampa, Ellen tells him that she has another doctor’s appointment. Thomas is going to try to intercept her before she gets there.

When Colin and Heidi arrive, the building now says Mirror Pond Wellness Center. Thomas arrives shortly after them and goes up the set of stairs that leads to the construction area. He finds the Homecoming logo on doors and can see the remnants of it on the wall. Thomas gets a call from his boss and Pam isn’t thrilled that he’s going on this wild goose chase.

Thomas hangs up on his boss and breaks through one of the glass doors to follow his hunch. Meanwhile, Colin and Heidi are on the other side not having any luck finding what she’s looking for. There’s a stark difference between the two and it makes switching back and forth between them even more interesting.

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Heidi sees a rehabilitation place upstairs and thinks it was part of Homecoming even though it wasn’t. The guy gives her some water and lets her collect herself. She says she’s never been here before, but Thomas sees Colin from across the way. Colin apologizes and actually sounds pretty sincere about it. Thomas then sees that Heidi is with Colin and when she hears the bird, her memories trigger.

When her memories trigger, I also noticed that the screen widened for the first time with these post-Homecoming scenes. It’s like Heidi is seeing the full picture for the first time. Heidi starts rushing out of there and Thomas falls down a set of stairs while trying to catch up to them. Colin admits that it’s all his fault. He admits that things moved way too fast, but then tells her that she’d be blamed for everything since he never set foot in the facility.

Heidi wants to tell Thomas everything, but Colin won’t let her speak for herself. He uses the fact that they slept together the previous night against her, too. Colin knows he has the upper hand and talks down to Thomas (and Heidi for that matter). Heidi pushes back literally and knocks Colin into the fountain. He drives off and there’s nothing they can do about it. At least Thomas offers to give her a ride home.

All we see of the Homecoming facility in this episode is them getting a new group of soldiers in and Heidi making her way through the cafeteria and upstairs to her office. She’s clearly distraught and Walter comes to check on her. You can even still see the glue marks on her desk from when Walter glued down her things.

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It’s tough to see Heidi going through the motions of getting her memory back in this episode. It’s something she wants, but she’s flooded with them once she hears the bird. There’s a lot for her to process and we’ll likely see her working through that in the final two episodes.

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