Homecoming season 1, episode 9 recap: Work

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Homecoming continues to impress as Heidi is becoming more aware of what happened in the past.

Homecoming Season 1, Episode 9, titled “Work,” shows us just how much of Heidi’s memory is coming back to her. When Thomas gets her home, he tells her he’s going to elevate the complaint and there will be an investigation. Heidi decides to throw away the box with her old belongings in it.

Ellen admits to knowing that something was fishy when she first took the job with Geist. She also tells Heidi that she sounded happy whenever they talked. When Heidi asks what she should do know, Ellen simply tells her to go to work.

At Homecoming, Walter notices that Heidi got rid of the fish in her office. He also learns about his deployment and thinks that Shrier and even Lesky could possibly go back with him. When Walter mentions coming back to visit her, she makes a comment about possibly not being there in nine months. Since it’s Walter’s last day, Heidi asks him to go to the cafeteria with her. It isn’t allowed, but she is willing to break the rules again.

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Colin tries to tell his wife about what happened and she just tells him to put it in the box and move forward. They have quite the dynamic and it’s almost as if his wife doesn’t care about what he has to do in regards to his job. At least not until it actually interferes with their personal lives.

We finally find out how Heidi lost her memory. She went into the room where they make the meals with the medication in it and served herself and Walter large plates of “week 6” food. Even though Walter already ate, he eats with her and she starts talking to him about the road trip again. When Craig sees Heidi eating the food, he calls Colin who is about to give a presentation.

At the diner, Heidi is dealing with impatient customers and when she goes to wake Mrs. Trotter, she realizes that she’s dead. Meanwhile, Thomas reports to his boss about the complaint. He tells her that he will be elevating the complaint. After he leaves the office, Pam calls Geist and tells them that they may have a problem.

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After Mrs. Trotter is taken out of the diner and Heidi gets off work, she looks at the envelope again. We then go back to Heidi’s first interview with Geist. As she’s leaving, we see a sign that says Manchineel on it and it has a leaf just like the one Shrier gave to Thomas on it.

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