Homecoming season 1, episode 7 recap: Is this a test?

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Thomas continues to be persistent and Colin takes Heidi back to the office building in Tampa. What could go wrong?

Thomas continues digging into the Homecoming complaint by visiting Gloria at work. She’s not happy that he wants to talk to Walter and the tension is slightly broken when he trips over a bike rack. He doesn’t think that Walter did anything wrong and that something was done to him at the facility. She’s now convinced that he wants to help and gives him a hand to help him up.

Colin’s wife knows that he’s meeting up with Heidi, but she doesn’t know the full extent of what’s happened between the two of them. She heads home and finds Thomas with her mother. He plays a recording for her from April 10, 2018. He fast forwards to the conversation about road trips and tells her that she sent these recordings to Gloria.

Thomas starts grilling her and Ellen senses things going downhill. She steps in and asks Heidi to take her to her appointment. It’s a timely save because Heidi really doesn’t seem to remember anything, but she might be starting to piece it together. Ellen is concerned about Heidi, but doesn’t know any more than she does.

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Colin followed Heidi to her house and sees Thomas leaving. His reaction is to call her and see what’s going on. She wants to go back to the Homecoming facility since she has the address and he talks her out of going alone. She tells “Hunter” that she’s looking for Colin and has no clue that she’s been with him all along.

What’s going on at Homecoming

At Walter’s session, Heidi wants to focus on his treatment after he asks about what happened in his room. He says he’s more focused on the present while she wants to talk about the past more. She brings up Titanic Rising and he has no memory of it. He also has trouble telling her about the day that Lesky died.

Heidi panics and calls Colin to tell him about Walter’s memory loss. Colin thinks that progress is great though because Walter forgot the traumatic event. He doesn’t care that Walter is losing more memories than just the traumatic events. Colin reveals that they plan to deploy the soldiers again instead of sending them home.

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