Homecoming season 1, episode 4 recap: Redwood

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Photo credit: Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv /

The mystery surrounding Homecoming continues to grow, even as we learn more about the program.

The opening of this episode of Homecoming gives us a look at vials being filled with a red liquid made at least partially from berries. The vials make their way to the Homecoming facility and it’s immediately suspicious. I’m betting that we’ll circle back to this in a later episode since we don’t see them again in this one.

At this point, Shrier has already been sent home (at least that’s what they’re saying) and Walter barges into Heidi’s office since he’s unhappy about it. She’s able to get him to calm down enough to sit down and have an actual conversation with her. He blames himself for Lesky’s death and blames himself for Shrier being gone now.

Later, Walter is on a video call with his mom and she asks him why he won’t really tell her anything about the Homecoming facility. Heidi does end up finding Shrier’s things in a storage closet when Craig comes in to pitch the idea of turning the place into a shopping center as a training exercise. She brushes him off since she’s more concerned with getting to Shrier’s belongings.

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We find out that she went through them so she could give Walter the harmonica. She takes it to his room and enters to have a chat with him. Craig notices that she’s in there and it’s clear that she’s probably interacting with Walter more than she should. Before she walks out, Walter gives her a hug and then Craig watches her walk down the hallway when she leaves.

So far, it continues to feel like Walter does want to get better despite what his discharge papers say in the future. He’s struggling, but he seems to be able to manage it better than some of the other guys, including Shrier. It’s hard to imagine him possibly being the reason Heidi ends up in the hospital at this point.

In the post-Homecoming timeline, Heidi finds her belongings from her hospital stay and asks her mom why she didn’t mention that she had been in the hospital. Whatever happened that day, she either forgot because of the accident or because Geist wanted her to forget.

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Thomas actually pays a visit to Geist (Redwood, to be more specific) and manages to talk to Colin, who claims to not know Heidi. However, Thomas tells him that he’s going to go talk to one of the former clients and you can tell that Colin is a bit rattled. He’s even more rattled when he gets a call from Heidi after she finds her old phone. Thomas and Heidi are both looking for answers and we all know that Colin has those answers, but won’t give them up. Things are starting to come together now.

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