Homecoming season 1, episode 6 recap: Unexpected visitor

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Photo credit: Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv /

“Toys” reveals who made the complaint against Homecoming and Heidi wants to remember what happened that made her end up in the hospital.

Walter’s mom calls the VA about Homecoming and she learns that it’s run through Geist, which is a private company. This is the first that we’re seeing of her in person since her previous appearance was through a video call. Gloria is living with her sister and tells her that she’s going to Tampa to bring Walter home.

Reina calls Heidi’s office because Walter’s mother showed up unannounced. Even though visits are supposed to be approved ahead of time, Heidi takes Gloria to Walter. She’s already in hot water with Colin and this can’t possibly make things better.

Walter and his mother disagree on whether or not he even needs to be at Homecoming. She thinks he’s being used and he thinks that she’s afraid. He goes to his room to pack and Craig wants to call security. He knows that if Walter leaves while on his week four medication, he’ll go into withdrawal. He does intend to come back.

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Heidi asks Walter what he wants and she doesn’t want him to leave if he’s not sure that he’s ready. She persuades him to stay and his mother isn’t too happy about it. Heidi tries explaining things to her but Gloria call her a fool and leaves. Gloria pulls over and we find out that she’s the one who made the complaint. She lies and says that she’s on the staff and that Walter is being held there without being allowed to leave.


Colin does stick around in Florida and finds Heidi at the laundromat. He introduces himself as Hunter. He also gives her the tip that he didn’t have enough money for the other day. Colin plays his role of Hunter well and has a lengthy chat with her to test what she remembers. They even go grab lunch together at a place next door.

Colin convinces Heidi to have some drinks with him and they end up staying at the restaurant for quite a while. She’s telling him a story about Anthony and really looks like she’s having a good time. He tells her that his ex-wife thinks that he’s still in Afghanistan and she asks him if he gets tired of lying. She calls herself a liar and says that she just pretends to be a waitress and a good daughter.

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One thing leads to another after they’ve had plenty of drinks and Colin wakes up to Heidi getting dressed. She tells him that she’s tired of lying and thinks that she did something wrong but doesn’t know what it is. He tells her that they’ll figure it out and the episode ends with a shot panning out to the hotel rooms across the way.

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