Homecoming season 1, episode 5 recap: Helping

Photo credit: Hilary B Gayle/SMPSP -- Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv
Photo credit: Hilary B Gayle/SMPSP -- Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv /

“Helping” dives deeper into what Homecoming is really trying to do and we get an update on Shrier after he left.

When the episode of Homecoming opens we see Heidi at the mall, getting a bit of a makeover. By the time she gets to work, she’s wiping most of it off. When she gets to her office, everything is glued down and we know that Walter’s the one who did it.

Heidi interrupts one of Craig’s exercises and plays along with it as she waits for the glue on Walter’s chair to dry. Craig isn’t too happy with her, but the guys love it. It’s good to see some more lighthearted moments with Walter in this episode after he was so upset about Shrier being gone.

Engel helps Walter set up a trap and the two sit on the roof talking about what’s next. Walter still believes that they’re trying to help. Engel tells Walter that he has a job waiting for him at Post, which is where his dad works.

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Craig leaves Colin a lengthy message about Heidi going into Walter’s room. Colin’s wife isn’t too happy with him again for being focused on work as they go to see Ron. Colin slips out to call Heidi and ask her what Homecoming is trying to do. We learn that their goal is to try to get rid of PTSD altogether. He’s upset that she gave Walter the harmonica without considering what it could trigger for him.

Colin threatens to fire Heidi if anything like that happens again. He’s under pressure to keep things running smoothly. There’s no doubt that he’s being harsh towards her and as soon as they get off the phone, Heidi enters her office to find a pelican just hanging out on her desk.

The post-Homecoming scenes start off with Thomas visiting Shrier at his current job, where he’s just doing some yard maintenance. Thomas asks him about Homecoming and you can tell it makes Shrier uncomfortable. He hands Thomas a leaf before he stops talking to him.

For Colin, he’s making his way to Tampa to confront Heidi. He stops at Fat Morgan’s and she doesn’t even recognize him when he walks in. He catches on that she has no clue who he is and when he pays, he sees that Thomas left his business card in the jar on the counter. He grabs it and heads out. He then makes a call back to the office to have the lady at the front desk look into Thomas more.

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The way that scenes are shot in this show make it visually appealing. They purposely don’t have a ton of bright colors at the facility and everything just looks pretty drab there. To see some of the characters trying to make the best of it is a plus, too. You can tell that Heidi at least has good intentions even if the program doesn’t. Halfway through, things are getting more interesting with each episode.

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