Homecoming season 1, episode 3 recap: Optics

Photo credit: Hilary B Gayle/SMPSP -- Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv
Photo credit: Hilary B Gayle/SMPSP -- Homecoming/Amazon Studios, Image Acquired from EPK.tv /

Suspicion fuels Thomas and Walter and Shrier find out what happens when you do leave the Homecoming facility.

Thomas is still indecisive about what to do with the Homecoming complaint after going to his boss about it. Instead of confirming his report, he looks up where Heidi’s files are stored and heads into a huge storage room to find them. He’s met with a wall of boxes and has his work cut out for him. He spends so long down there that the motion detector lights turn off on him.

The scenes with Thomas come at the beginning of the episode and at the end of it. We see that he finds Heidi’s personnel file and she was terminated the same day that Walter was discharged because she was hospitalized. From the looks of it, something happened that led to Walter attacking Heidi. Or that’s what they want us to believe at least.

What happens when you try to leave the Homecoming facility? Thanks to Shrier’s impulsiveness, he and Walter find out. This is what the majority of the episode revolves around. Shrier’s paranoia isn’t totally unfounded. He thinks they can’t leave, but Walter is naive enough to think that there really is a form to fill out.

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Shrier is convinced that this is all a setup that they’re only making it seem like they’re in Florida. He steals a van and him and Walter come up on a town that looks odd since everything is closed and all of the lights are out. Shrier freaks out when the lights turn on and a security guard walks towards them. He tackles the guy, but Walter stops him from going any further when they see that he just has a flashlight.

Back at the facility, Walter talks to Heidi and takes the blame for the incident, but it’s too late for him to save Shrier. He’s already being sent home and Walter doesn’t take too kindly to that happening. It’s also hard to tell if Heidi really knows the full extent of what’s going on. Maybe she really does believe that they just sent Shrier home. Heidi and Walter do seem to have some sort of real connection and so far, we have no clue if she’s the same way with any of the other soldiers.


After work, Heidi gets home to see Anthony packing. When her phone rings, he grabs it so she can’t answer. That doesn’t work in his favor because she grabs it back and tells him to finish packing up and leaving. Her work consumes her life at this point and it takes a toll on their relationship.

On the call with Colin, he wants to also send Walter home, but she makes a case for keeping him. We get a great split-screen view during this call where we see how Colin’s work is also affecting his life at home. It’s his daughter’s birthday, but his wife is growing impatient with him and starts singing “Happy Birthday” to the daughter without him.

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When we get back to post-Homecoming life for Heidi, she meets up with Anthony. He’s surprised that she wanted to meet up, but gets upset when she starts asking questions that she should know the answers to. We learn here that she really doesn’t remember much of anything from her time at Homecoming. She doesn’t even know who Colin is and she interacted with him a lot.

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The pieces are coming together in this episode and it’s largely due to the files and the questions that Heidi asks Anthony. I’m not totally convinced that everything the files say is completely cut and dry, though. Admittedly, I have yet to binge the podcast, so I’m enjoying being left in the dark and not knowing how things are supposed to end. I do plan on listening to that soon so I can compare them.

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