Homecoming season 1, episode 2 recap: Pineapple

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Homecoming’s second episode gives us more of a look at what life at Homecoming is like for the soldiers. Shrier is not very trusting of them.

Homecoming opens with a look at the soldiers in the cafeteria. Shrier is pretty attached to his harmonica and plays it a little too much for Walter’s liking. Shrier ends up losing it in the cafeteria (after he points out that the pineapple is just to make you think you’re in Florida). He thinks that Homecoming doesn’t really care about what happens to them and even spits his pills out because he doesn’t trust them.

We get more backstory from Walter this episode, too. He tells Heidi about Lesky and how he made another soldier believe that there was a movie called Titanic Rising. He tells her about Lesky’s death and it feels like he’s more willing to open up and trust her than Shrier is.

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At this point, Walter and Shrier had been sharing a room together and Walter ends up getting a new room after Shrier’s stunt in the cafeteria. Colin also has a call with Heidi about Shrier and there’s some concern about him. Homecoming clearly wants results and has little patience for soldiers who don’t do what’s asked of them.

Post-Homecoming Heidi heads home from her job at the diner. Meanwhile, Thomas finds discharge papers for Walter that shows he was discharged due to misconduct and violence. When he tries to get in touch with Walter, he ends up having a brief conversation with his mom, Gloria. When he takes it to his boss, she tells him to either elevate the complaint or close it. He’s clearly struggling with what to do about it.

When Heidi gets home, we get a look at how things are with her mother (Sissy Spacek). The two disagree on why Heidi came back home. At this point, the mystery continues as to why Heidi keeps saying she doesn’t remember anything. We should learn a little more about that in the coming episodes.

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