Jack Ryan season 1, episode 7 recap: Taking action

Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

The government takes action in the penultimate episode of the first season of Jack Ryan, but they don’t get what they were hoping for.

After the events of the previous episode, Jack Ryan is back at CIA headquarters. Hanin and the girls are safe and they have eyes on Suleiman’s compound. Matice is in charge of the strike team and Jack pays him a visit with Hanin so she can provide more details. She tells Matice about all of the weapons he keeps within arms reach while he sleeps. Later in a meeting, Jack suggests a ground strike instead of an air strike, which makes some people unhappy.

Suleiman tells Samir that his sisters are coming home and his mother isn’t. He clearly doesn’t know where they all are at the moment and is under the impression that Yazid killed Hanin like he was ordered to. Samir doesn’t take the news too well and starts hitting himself as he looks at some photos.

Dr. Nadler gets the items that he asked for previously and he’s able to help the other prisoners. He’s very thankful about getting the medicine for everyone and asks Suleiman if he’d like him to examine Samir. He still won’t budge on that, though. Al Radwan is still with the other prisoners and Dr. Nadler tries to help him despite how he treated them.

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Tarek finds a photo of Ali and Suleiman after they took the body. Jack and Greer walk in to the meeting that Cathy is at to discuss her work on the Ebola case. This isn’t the best way for her to find out that he doesn’t work for the State Department, but it happens. This ties together her work with the body that the brothers took from Liberia. Jack goes after Cathy and she’s not happy with him at all.

Hanin and the girls have a team of at least four people with them at the safe house. Jack gets a call from Greer about a brief at 3 AM. They have a call with the President and they’ve confirmed that Suleiman is at the compound and that they have hostages from Doctors Without Borders. The President orders a ground strike to rescue the doctors and Samir.

Of course Sara contacts her brother through a video game and Suleiman finds out that they’re in America. It’s a dumb move on her part and she really should have known better, but she wanted to talk to her brother and one can’t really blame her for that.

JACK RYAN — Photo credit: Amazon Studios — Acquired via Persona PR
JACK RYAN — Photo credit: Amazon Studios — Acquired via Persona PR /

The ground team goes in and finds the place completely empty except for the hostages. They aren’t able to find Samir, because Suleiman clearly took him with everyone else. However, getting the other hostages out is still a win.

As Ben is walking out, he tells them that Al Radwan is “one of them” and he’s immediately killed. Although, one would think they would have wanted to interrogate him had they actually known who he was.

Greer meets Jack at the bar and tells him that the boy chose to stay with Suleiman. Therefore, they don’t even know if they can save him. We did see him join the group in shooting their guns into the air and he seems like he wants to do whatever makes his father happy. We see the two of them on the run as they get new passports and some money.

Cathy meets up with Jack even though she’s still on the fence about it. Even though she wanted to keep things casual, she’s acting as if that wasn’t what she wanted. Jack wants to make things work between the two of them and she doesn’t stay mad at him too long.

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The CIA is now busy going through all of the evidence from the compound and they find clippings of Dr. Nadler with the President. Jack puts together that the hostages are the weapon. The vitamins he gave Dr. Nadler weren’t really vitamins at all. This sets up the finale excellently. The danger is now in the United States and they have to try to stop it before it gets much worse.

So far, this season has kept the twists coming and Suleiman is clearly steps ahead of everyone with his plan. With the CIA playing catch up, it gives Jack Ryan a chance to show off his skillset as he pieces most of this together himself. The finale should be a good one based on how they’ve set it all up now.

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