Jack Ryan season 1, episode 6 recap: Getting help

Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

Jack Ryan gets Jack and Greer one step closer to finding Suleiman in “Sources and Methods.”

Each flashback that we see in Jack Ryan serves a purpose even if the pay off isn’t clear right away. “Sources and Methods” starts with a scene in Liberia from six months earlier where a body is being dug up and we see an ebola sign. Whoever the person is, Ali and Suleiman had their reasons for digging them up. We then jump back to Hanin and the girls making their trek to Europe in less than pleasant conditions.

In Turkey, Jack and Greer are taken to the camp and we see Victor cross right in front of them as he gets in a cab to Syria. Hanin and the girls get to a stopping point where they only have 15 minutes to use the outdoor bathrooms. However, Yazid is there as well and when he goes after them, Hanin knocks him into the pit that bathrooms dump in to.

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Back in D.C., Cathy is looking into an ebola case from Liberia, which ties into the flashback we saw in the opening scene. She hops on a video call and we learn that the person whose case she was looking at is the one from the flashback earlier when Suleiman and Ali dug up the grave.

Lance takes Jack and Greer to a man named Tony who can help them locate Hanin. Tony has a hefty price for the information, however, Greer isn’t afraid to negotiate down on his price. Jack isn’t thrilled to be doing business with him, but Greer tells him to go along with it. He does so in his own way on the drive to the stop.

At the stop, they learn that Hanin and the girls took off on foot. We see her and her daughters walking and she gets upset with Rama for wanting her dad there with them. Tony, Jack and Greer run into a little trouble taking Tony’s shortcut. Jack takes it out on Tony and Greer takes charge to get the two back on track.

Victor’s hefty taxi fare gets him to Syria and he finds the father of the man he killed on the scooter. He tells him what he’s done and he’s still invited inside. He wonders why he’s being let inside. Victor goes to hand him money, but he doesn’t take it and pours him some tea. The boy walks in with dozens of eggs and Victor pays them everything he has for them.

Hanin and the girls make it to the coast, but Yazid is there and spots them as they head to the boat. Yazid calls Suleiman and he only wants him to bring his daughters back. However, Tony, Jack and Greer show up just as they’re getting on the boat. When Yazid let’s go of Hanin, Greer shoots him in the head and gets all three of them.

Jack Ryan
Credit: Jack Ryan – Prime Video — Acquired via EPK.TV /

Back at the Air Force base in Turkey, Jack informs Hanin that in order to stay in America, she needs to help him. She didn’t know about the attack on the church, but she still knows about the compound’s location. Jack tells her that he’s going to do everything he can to get Samir back for her. That’s what pushes her to give him the location.

Greer tells Jack about what happened to him in Karachi and how it all went wrong. It led to him being send back to HQ, but he’s still found a way to get back into the field. He tells Jack that there has to be compromise and Jack won’t accept that. Greer admits that he felt the same way once, too.

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This episode shows Hanin’s strength well. She might be afraid, but she’s not willing to go back to Suleiman without a fight. Luckily, it pays off for her and Jack and Greer get her and the girls to safety. This is the biggest lead they’ve had in a while and it’s refreshing to see Hanin take on the protector role and tell her daughters that they don’t need their dad. Sara understands that, but Rama is just too young to grasp it still. This was a well done episode and it sets up the final two episodes for some more intense moments.

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