Jack Ryan season 1, episode 5 recap: Getting in touch

Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Credit: Jack Ryan - Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

The fifth episode of Jack Ryan shows the CIA finally getting in contact with Suleiman. Will there be consequences to that?

We’ve seen plenty of destruction in Jack Ryan and “End of Honor” picks up with the church scene that closed out the previous episode. We see a video that Suleiman sent out saying that he didn’t approve of women and children being killed. Jack blames himself for not getting the information out of Ali, even though it was unlikely he would’ve spilled the details anyway. Greer tells him that it’s irrational and narcissistic to blame himself for the attack.

Jack figures out that the funeral was a set up and goes to Greer with the information. He and Greer find themselves in another meeting, this time about the church attack. During the meeting, Jack notices another connection to the game that Ali contacted Suleiman with and wants to act like they’re Ali.

Jack gets a call from work when he’s on a date with Cathy. Later, when he’s back at work, he starts playing the game to communicate with Suleiman. Suleiman bites and they feed him an address where he sends his other men. Ibrahim is the first to question whether or not it’s actually Ali and starts backtracking the IP address, but the CIA has that covered.

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However, Suleiman figures out that it is Jack talking to him and can’t help but ask about Ali. He tells him that Ali is dead and he knows that Hanin left him. He does this to confirm that the woman at the camp in Turkey is in fact Hanin and it works like a charm.

In Nevada, the drone pilots get new targets and Victor is informed that the guy on the Vespa was a misidentified target. He takes it hard, but there’s nothing he can do about it now. You can tell that the job is wearing him down day by day, though, and I imagine we’ll see that explored further with the remaining episodes.

Victor and Ava go to a diner and he tells her that he’s been told to take leave. Victor doesn’t think it will solve anything and he reveals that he was in the top 3% for becoming a pilot and he was sent to the drone program. Ava tells him to get his mind right so she can be confident that he has her back.

After not seeing Hanin and the girls for an episode, we see them arriving in Turkey. The man Hanin speaks to tells her that they can’t take anymore refugees. She sees her husband on the news before heading to their tent assignment. Meanwhile, Suleiman has combat training going on at the compound. He notices one of the men, Ismail, looks like he hasn’t worn clean clothes in who knows how long. He tells him to clean himself up since they have water. We then get a flashback to him interviewing for a job back in 2001.

Credit: Jack Ryan – Prime Video — Acquired via EPK.TV
Credit: Jack Ryan – Prime Video — Acquired via EPK.TV /

In another flashback to 2001, we see Mousa (before he was just known as Suleiman) and Ali together. Mousa takes a beating to keep him from going down on a gun charge. Prior to the flashback, Suleiman has a chat with Dr. Nagler, one of the prisoners. He tells him to make a list of what they all need and Dr. Nagler suggests a different treatment for Samir’s diabetes.

Hanin finally talks to someone who will listen and she tells him who she is and why she need political asylum. She then goes to see Mr. Sadik in his big fancy tent. She was sent there by Rifaat, her neighbor, to talk to him about getting to Europe. She gives him all of her jewelry to get her and her daughters out of there.

We then learn in a flashback to 2002 that Suleiman found God while in prison. Ali is surprised by this change of events, but it explains a lot about who he is now. That’s the moment when everything first started for him and led to his status now.

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Back in Turkey, we find out that Yazid isn’t dead. He asks Mr. Sadik where they are and the last thing we see is Hanin and the girls in the back of a truck and then the truck drives off. Will they wind up making it to Europe? Hopefully we won’t have to wait a full episode before seeing them again.

Five episodes in and Jack Ryan just feels like a good action show to sink your teeth into. It gives you plenty to think about while not being too dense to watch. Some shows you just have to put so much effort into watching and this one doesn’t feel as complicated despite the serious situation at hand. I’m looking forward to how it wraps up with the final three episodes. Now that Jack knows to go look for Hanin and get her and her daughters to safety, things will get even more intense.

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