Is Game of Thrones on Amazon Prime Video?

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen – Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen – Photo: Courtesy of HBO /

Is Game of Thrones available on Amazon Prime Video for free?

Game of Thrones is HBO’s biggest show. Now you want to be able to stream it on Amazon Prime Video for free.

It doesn’t matter what you thought of the ending. Love it or hate it, Game of Thrones remains the most popular show on HBO by a long-shot. It’s going to take a lot for something else to be crowned winner.

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And this should give you a clue as to whether Game of Thrones is on Amazon Prime Video or not.

No, you cannot watch GoT on Amazon Prime Video for free. It’s not part of the subscription. And there’s absolutely no need for HBO to ever change that.

You’ll need access to HBO to stream online. The good news is you can get it through Amazon Channels, so everything will be kept in one place.

You can get Game of Thrones on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital

There is some excellent news if you don’t want a HBO subscription just for one series. You can get the entire series on DVD and Blu-ray.

There are different options for the DVD collection. You could buy the individual seasons, but that will cost you more money than getting the Complete Collection.

The exact complete series boxset you get will depend on preferences and budget. I love the Collector’s Edition.

It’s also available on Digital, which you can get through Amazon Video. When you buy on Digital, the episodes are all added to your Amazon Library. Everything is available to stream in one place.

Will Game of Thrones ever come to Amazon Prime Video?

It get it. You still want to watch the series for free with your Prime membership. Will it ever happen?

It’s highly unlikely. There’s just no need for HBO to license the entire series to Amazon Prime Video. Maybe one season of the show will be available as a preview, but there’s still no need for this. This usually happens to encourage the viewing of particular shows and nobody needs encouragement to watch GoT, right?

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Game of Thrones is available to stream on HBO via Amazon Channels.