Utopia age rating: Is the Amazon series suitable for children?

Utopia -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Utopia -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

A look at the Utopia age rating to see who it is suitable for

When you find a promising show, you sometimes want to sit with the whole family to watch. Is Utopia suitable to watch with children? We’re taking a look at the Utopia age rating.

This isn’t a show for the whole family. The first trailer was pretty tame, but there was a full trailer later released that gave us a look at the level of violence that would be included in this show. While there are tamer moments, there are some big parts that will make many squeamish.

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The official Utopia age rating is TV-MA in the United States. That means it’s for mature adults, those 18+.

In other parts of the world, the age rating differs a little. Most countries opt for the same age rating of 18+, but France, Netherlands, and Australia have opted for a 15 or 16 rating.

The cut off is going to depend on the maturity of the teenager. If it was me, I’d watch Utopia at 15 or 16, but I know plenty of people who wouldn’t have.

Why is the Utopia age rating as it is?

Age ratings are set based on the level of violence, any nudity, and the course language that appears in the show. The F-bomb is dropped a lot in the show, which would immediately set the age rating to at least 15 in the majority of countries. I don’t remember hearing the C-word, but maybe I’m desensitized to that because of The Boys.

There is also some nudity throughout the series. There are moments that imply characters have sex, but they’re not viewed fully nude.

The violence and gore are where the Utopia age rating comes from. There is a lot from the very beginning, which includes a mass shooting in a hotel. There’s a scooped out eye, a hand smashed in an oven glove of broken glass, and the murder of someone with her own scarf. There’s even a man who commits suicide on screen as a cold open.

This violence is too much for younger kids. Stick to the older teens in the house as the youngest to see it, and then it depends on the teen.

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What did you think of Utopia? What would you set the Utopia age rating as? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Utopia Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video right now.