The Third Day Episode 6 ending explained: Will there be a second season?

The Third Day -- Courtesy of HBO
The Third Day -- Courtesy of HBO /

Breaking down and explaining the ending to The Third Day finale

The Third Day came to a shocking end. The last hour was packed with twists and turns, making us question whether the family would get off the island together.

After finding out that not only was Sam alive but on the island, Helen learned her son was alive. Well, Sam believes he is. Helen quickly pointed out that their “son” is the wrong color and the wrong age, but that wouldn’t deter Sam. That is unless the island is able to slow down time somehow.

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Either way, the focus was on the fight for power. Sam had a group of followers but so did Jess. You remember the American woman from the first three episodes, right? Well, that one night did lead to pregnancy, and since the child was born on the island and is a child of Sam’s, she has a claim to power. Jess wants to use that, and she has followers.

The Martins didn’t survive the fight. Mr. Martin was killed pretty swiftly, while Mrs. Martin was drugged and drowned. But what about Sam, Helen, and their children? Would they make it off the island?

Sam stayed behind to keep Helen and the girls safe

After an initial fight, Sam and Helen’s daughter, Ellie, tricked them into being captured. Jess made it clear that none of them were allowed to leave the island now, but Helen and her daughters wouldn’t be harmed. Helen wasn’t standing for that.

Once she got her daughters back, she had to figure out what to do next. Sam gave her the money that he took, so at least she wouldn’t lose their house, and then told her to get ready for the crossing to open at dawn. They’d just have to hide until then.

Helen and her daughters didn’t have time for that. The people on the island were coming for them. So, Helen found a small boat and put her daughters in it. She swam it to the mainland, despite knowing the water was freezing and she could die. She was willing to do everything she could to save her daughters.

Helen made it across, and her daughters took care of her. They found what seemed to be an abandoned cabin and wrapped her in blankets until it was time to move on.

Not everything is wrapped up neatly

There are certainly a lot of questions still left. Was Nathan really Sam and Helen’s Nathan? Could the island somehow stop or slow down time? What will happen to Sam and Nathan on the island now that everyone has been forced to choose Jess and her daughter?

Then there’s Helen and her daughters? Is the money enough to save the house? Can they move forward with everything they know? Will they send out the police to deal with the situation on the island?

With all these questions, it could suggest that The Third Day Season 2 could happen. However, the series has been billed a miniseries in the UK. It’s unlikely to be renewed. We’ll just have to put up with all those questions.

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What did you think of The Third Day? What questions do you have left? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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