The Third Day Episode 3: Did Sam make it off the island?

Jude Law in The Third Day episode 2 - Photograph by Robert Ludovic/HBO
Jude Law in The Third Day episode 2 - Photograph by Robert Ludovic/HBO /

Sam got more than he bargained for on The Third Day Episode 3

The Third Day brought its first story to its conclusion during Episode 3. It was time to see if Sam would make it off the island and who that boy was running around.

We picked up the episode where the last one left us. Sam was tied up and was almost killed. It’s okay; he managed to get away. Finally, it was time for the truth of why he was being prevented from getting off the island in the first place, along with the truth about his son.

Sam is the Father

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If you guessed that the religious island people wanted to keep Sam on the island, you were right. The big question was why. Would he become a sacrifice?

It turns out that he’s the Father. The people believe that he will bring the world back into balance, but he needs to take his rightful place. When Sam refuses, he’s almost killed again. After all, the people don’t necessarily need him.

They have his son.

Yes, Sam’s son is alive!

He was taken, but another boy was used in his place. The boy Sam and his wife buried was someone else’s child; a sacrifice for “the greater good.”

Of course, Sam now can’t leave the island without his boy. Will he get any help? Epona’s father offers to help. He’ll get the boy if Sam gets the police. After all, his daughter as just killed herself as a sacrifice since Sam has been so determined to get off the island.

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More betrayals on The Third Day

Sam manages to get to the boat. After throwing the fisherman overboard unable to trust him, he and Jess head back to the mainland. Well, that’s what Sam things.

Jess takes them back to the island, just to another side of it. Her husband is watching them and she will do whatever it takes to get her girls back. That means sending Sam back to the island of people where some want to kill him and others want him to take his rightful place.

In the end, Sam realizes he has no choice but to take his rightful place as the Father. He goes to the big house on the island, where his son is waiting for him. There’s a tearful reunion, as Sam holds his son tightly.

Is it a satisfying ending? Possibly not for all. It didn’t help that the plot was a little convoluted at times, but Jude Law’s performance was most certainly mesmerizing and enthralling.

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The Third Day continues with the second story on Monday, Oct. 5 at 9/8c on HBO.