5 big questions after The Third Day series premiere

The Third Day -- Courtesy of HBO
The Third Day -- Courtesy of HBO /

The Third Day series premiere left us with plenty of questions for the series

There’s one thing to say about Jude Law. He gives his all to every performance he does. That’s certainly the case on The Third Day.

The series premiere introduced us to his character, the basic storyline, and the mysterious island that is literally impossible to leave by car at certain times of the day. We get a sense of the danger to come and the mysteries to unravel.

It’s not surprising that we were left with plenty of questions after that first episode. Here are my five biggest.

What’s with the cultish vibe?

Did anyone else feel like they were watching Midsommar at times? The people on the island certainly feel a little cult-like. They say they help those from the mainland trying to escape their demons, including alcoholism. However, it’s also clear that once you come to them, it’s almost impossible to leave.

These people are too nice. Sure, Sam saved a young girl’s life, but they’ve not exactly helped him in return for bringing her home. They delayed his departure from the island to make it impossible to leave. Why do they want him to stay?

The Third Day — Courtesy of HBO
The Third Day — Courtesy of HBO /

Has Sam been lured to the island?

There’s something the characters aren’t telling us. Epona won’t talk much about why she tried to kill herself. Nobody seems all that concerned about her wandering the island alone after that. It’s almost like she was there purposely.

Let’s be honest; it’s clear Sam’s trip to the stream isn’t the first. It’s like a ritual to him, almost like every year he’s done the same thing to say goodbye to the boy he’s lost. Did others know he’d be there to lure him to the island for something?

Who is the little boy Sam keeps seeing?

Sam says he saw a boy near Epona. Epona says she was alone. However, there was definitely a boy. And that boy was there on the island with Sam.

It doesn’t seem like the boy is Sam’s deceased son, but I wouldn’t rule that out right now. The striped shirt and ghost-like appearance suggests that he is.

Will this boy show up more? Will Sam finally get to the bottom of who he is?

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Will Sam join this cult?

There’s almost this sense that someone is trying to convert Sam. This is what cults do.

However, I also have to question whether the people are being extra nice to get Sam to join or to make him some sort of sacrifice. There are two “outsiders” around, a man and a woman. Something screams sacrifice to me.

Why did Sam take the money?

The very end of the episode saw Sam go into the boot of his car. There was a load of money in a bag, enough to possibly be the £40,000 that was supposedly stolen from the office. Only two people knew about the money and the other person said he didn’t steal it.

It looks like Sam took it, but why? Why would he make it look like his business had been broken into? Why would he run the risk of losing his business and his home? Is this a clue that he’s having a complete break and nothing on the island is real?

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What questions do you have on The Third Day series premiere? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Third Day airs Mondays on HBO.