The Boys Season 3: One member of The Seven will definitely return

Photo Credit: The Boys NYCC Poster/Amazon Studios
Photo Credit: The Boys NYCC Poster/Amazon Studios /

Fans worry that one member of The Seven won’t be back for The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 2 finale didn’t hold back on the violence and shocking moments. The penultimate episode was much the same. Events during Episode 7 have led to fans worried that a particular member of The Seven won’t be back for The Boys Season 3.

During the episode, Starlight was kept in Supe jail. Thanks to Lamplighter setting off the fire detectors, Starlight was able to escape, but that led to a fight with Black Noir. Just as it looked like Black Noir would kill her, Queen Maeve stepped in and saved the day. She gave Black Noir an Almond Joy, knowing that he’s allergic to nuts.

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He wasn’t seen in the finale, but Stormfront did mention that he was “unresponsive.” Does that mean The Seven is changing once more? Is an original member of the team leaving?

Black Noir will be back for The Boys Season 3

Don’t worry about it! The fan-favorite Supe is going to return. The show has barely scratched the surface with him, but he will get a bigger role in the third season.

It sounds similar to A-Train’s storyline at the end of the first season. A-Train went into cardiac arrest, and it was Starlight who managed to keep him alive. It wasn’t until a couple of episodes into the second season that we found out if he was going to survive or not.

We don’t have to wait that long for Black Noir’s fate since Eric Kripke revealed all on Twitter.

Kripke also shared that we may get to see Black Noir’s face on The Boys Season 3. While we’ve had the chance to see Nathan Mitchell, who plays the character, through behind-the-scenes footage, the Supe has never taken his mask off while on screen.

We’ll get an origin story for Black Noir during the third season. It looks like that will be different to the comics, where he’s a clone of Homelander. Well, he definitely doesn’t look anything like Homelander, and we don’t just have to work with the knowledge that Mitchell is under the mask. Maeve pulled up the bottom of the mask to shove the nut into his mouth, giving us just a glimpse.

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What do you hope to learn about Black Noir on The Boys Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boys Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.