The Boys Season 2 finale: Are [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] really dead?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage /

Did those two deaths happen in The Boys Season 2 finale?

Caution: There are major spoilers from The Boys Season 2 finale. If you haven’t watched yet, you read at your own risk.

The Boys Season 2 finale brought plenty of mayhem and trouble. It also brought an awesome takedown, leading to two potential character deaths.

Did the two deaths happen? Will either of the characters return for The Boys Season 3? We breakdown the possibilities and likelihoods of returns.

One death is more than likely permanent

When Ryan used his powers against Stormfront, he accidentally killed his mom. As a human, there’s little chance Becca survived. And Becca’s death will lead to some major events in the third season.

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After all, Ryan has to live with the fact that he accidentally killed his mom. This will likely turn him against his powers and against Supes in general, especially with Billy Butcher being the one presumably to raise him.

Or maybe Butcher has decided to let Vought or the CIA have the kid. That’s unlikely. Becca’s dying wish would have been for Butcher to look out for and protect Ryan. As much as Butcher doesn’t like the idea of Ryan, he knows that Ryan is the best chance against Homelander. He’ll raise the kid to help with the fight, but it won’t be easy.

Will Becca return on The Boys Season 3? Unless it’s through flashbacks or as some sort of ghostly figure pushing Butcher or Ryan in a particular direction, probably not. This isn’t Supernatural.

The Boys spin-off
The Boys Season 2 — Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Prime Video /

Stormfront may return to The Boys Season 3

Then there’s Stormfront. She was burned badly, but she was mumbling something. It’s possible that she didn’t actually die on The Boys Season 2 finale. She could potentially return for the third season.

Stormfront can heal. We know that. We saw Homelander laser her chest and she healed from those wounds. It will take time, but there’s a chance Stormfront will heal from the damage Ryan has done.

However, the world has turned against Stormfront. She’ll need to take on a new identity. That’s not impossible. Vought has already done it once, and Vought will likely do it again once Stormfront is ready to return.

For now, it looks like another Supe will take her place in The Seven during Season 3. That will likely be Soldier Boy.

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What questions do you have after watching The Boys Season 2 finale? What do you think will happen in Season 3? Can either of the characters return? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boys Season 2 is no available to stream in full on Amazon Prime Video.