The Boys Season 2 spoilers: Who was blowing up heads all this time?

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Prime Video /

We learned who exploded heads during The Boys Season 2

The Boys Season 2 left us with one major question throughout the season. Who was exploding heads?

Okay, there is the “why” there, too, but that’s for The Boys Season 3. We at least get to know who has the power during the Season 2 finale.

Of course, there are spoilers in this post if you haven’t watch The Boys Season 2 finale yet.

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The finale ended with Stormfront taken down. It’s not clear if she’s dead or not (probably not) but she’s been put in a time out. The Seven needs to move on without her, which could explain how Soldier Boy is brought into the picture.

But what about the exploding heads? Was that Stormfront? Does another member of The Seven secretly have that power? It’s nobody outside of The Seven, and you may be surprised by the big reveal.

One last explosion leads to the big reveal on the season finale

As The Deep was kicked out of the Church of the Collective, Alastair sat at his desk contemplating the future. However, he didn’t have long to think about things as his head was the final one to explode.

Pan to outside the Church of the Collective and we see Victoria Neuman with her eyes white. They roll back to normal, suggesting that she has been the one exploding heads all this time.

That did mean I went back to the previous episode with the trial. Victoria was there and she looked just as shocked and scared as everyone as heads exploded. Her eyes were also normal. How would she have been able to explode heads without it looking obvious if later it’s clear she’s the one using her powers?

There is a slight continuity flaw in this, but I’m sure The Boys Season 3 will cover that one when others find out that she has this power. Up to this point, it didn’t even look like she was a Supe, but now it makes sense why she has such a vendetta against Vought. She was given Compound V as a baby, and there are strong chances she doesn’t trust Vought because of this.

Is it possible she was one of the test subjects? Did she manage to escape? Or maybe she was released into the world and Vought seems to have forgotten about her (or she’s changed her name).

There’s certainly a big backstory to come. We just can’t use the graphic novels to figure it out.

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What do you suspect is the backstory of Victoria Neuman? What questions do you now have for The Boys Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boys Season 2 is now available to stream in full on Amazon Prime Video.