5 big questions after The Third Day Episode 4

The Third Day -- Courtesy of HBO
The Third Day -- Courtesy of HBO /

The 5 biggest questions after watching The Third Day Episode 4

The story on The Third Day moves on from Sam and onto Helen. She brings her daughters to the island for a “holiday,” but there’s clearly more to the story.

Like the first three episodes, Osea’s people are hiding something. They don’t seem to like newcomers and there’s a dark secret that looms across the island. And it looks like it all connects back to the first three episodes, to Sam’s story.

The Third Day Episode 4, titled “Monday – The Mother,” leaves us with plenty of questions. Here are the top five.

What happened to Sam?

The first three episodes followed Sam’s story. We knew the story was moving onto Helen, but that doesn’t stop questions about Jude Law’s character. After all, it doesn’t look like too much time has passed on the island—unless it’s some sort of magical island where people don’t age!

So, what’s happened to Sam. Is he somewhere on the island? Will he and his son show up later?

Why is Helen really bringing her children here?

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We find out at the very end of the episode that Helen and Sam are connected. In fact, it looks like Helen is Sam’s wife; the one he left behind when he chose to remain on the island with his son. There were mentions of other children, so this turn of events isn’t all too surprising with everything put together.

Helen tells her daughters that she’s taken them out of school and brought them up here as a birthday surprise. There’s clearly more to it. Why would she stick to staying on the island when she knows her daughter is no longer into archeology and the people are trying everything to prevent her finding shelter?

She clearly feels the need to be on the island. So, what is she really there for and does it connect to Sam?

What has happened on the island?

Everyone on the island during The Third Day Episode 4 kept mentioning something bad that had happened on the island that day. There was surgical equipment and there have been drawings all around.

Is it possible something bad has happened to Sam? Has there been a serious accident? We know the people on the island believe their rituals keep the world moving. What exactly is the problem and why the secrecy?

What is really going on with the surgical tools?

We saw a young girl carrying surgical tools. Then later, we saw the, with a dead and cut open sheep in the abandoned holiday let. The Martins mentioned a pregnant woman who refused to have her baby anywhere but on the island so the surgical tools were needed just in case. But we know these people follow rituals of the past.

Was there really a pregnant woman refusing to leave? Was this a pregnant woman being stopped from leaving? Is there some sort of sacrifice to come? Something is definitely going on.

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Do the people know who Helen really is?

As soon as Helen turned up, eyes were on her. She was stopped from renting the holiday house she booked and the man at the hotel refused to let out rooms. It was only finally at the Martins’ bar that she was shown some sort of hospitality.

It’s clear the people don’t want her there, but I don’t think it has anything to do with race. Now we know Helen and Sam are connected, it’s possible that the people know who Helen is. Is it possible they’re trying to protect her? Maybe they believe she’s bringing trouble to the island. Either way, they know something.

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What are your questions for The Third Day Episode 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Third Day airs Mondays at 9/8c on HBO.